8 Overpowered Video Game Starter Weapons That Broke EVERYTHING

Agent 47's Silverballers might as well be hand cannons.

Silverballers Hitman
Square Enix

In this day and age, legendary and uber-powerful weapons in video games are ten-a-penny.

Look to any of the looter-shooter titles like Destiny and Borderlands and the sheer amount of so-called "legendary" weapons that rain down from defeated bosses does somewhat come to resemble a golden shower, as it ends up taking the piss out of what such a weapon tier even means.

How can you expect me to treasure this rare, unique weapon when I've got so many they won't even fit into my backpack?

Well, some games don't even wait until you're a late-level player before showing off the good stuff, because in some titles you're handed ridiculously overpowered gear right from the start.

That's right, before the adventure truly begins you're carting around high calibre killers that can, and most definitely did, end up making a mockery of the enemies who stood in your way.

So let's give it up for the games that started with such a bang that most other weapons look insignificant by comparison.

8. Magnum - Halo

Silverballers Hitman

Oh me oh my, we're not messing around here, are we?

The Magnum sidearm that Master Cheif begins the original Halo with is so comically overpowered, it became something of an overnight meme way back before the internet was capable of such "high brow comedy".

Beginning life as an error during programming, Bungie fell in love with the stopping power of this almighty magnum, and instead of toning it down for the final game, said "oh people are going to love this!"

And you know what? We bloody well did.

Being able to pick enemies off with pinpoint precision and a bullet that feels like it belongs in a Space Marine's Heavy Bolter was an absolute blast. The gun became such a useful tool thanks to it's 2X scope that many multiplayer matches were also dominated by this Desert Eagle-adjacent showpiece.

It was ludicrously broken in the grand scheme of things, but Bungie knew that sometimes having an ultra-powered weapon right off the bat is just plain FUN.

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