8 Remasters That Made Video Games WORSE

7. Final Fantasy VI - IOS And Android

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Square Enix

The iOS and Android "remaster" of Final Fantasy VI definitely isn't the worst Final Fantasy title on mobile platforms - that dishonour would go to All The Bravest, their mobile-original so riddled with greedy microtransactions it might as well have held players at gunpoint.

However, we're talking about remasters here, so Final Fantasy VI it is. Admittedly the same had been done to Final Fantasy V before this, but FFVI is far and away one of the most beloved entries in the franchise, so its graphical butchering is all the more galling.

Final Fantasy VI was a gorgeous looking SNES title, showcasing some of the most lovingly rendered art in gaming history. When the mobile port was released with all-new artwork, it was shockingly bad. The bland hand drawn backgrounds lacked character, and as for the characters, well... their sprites had been cleaned up to look like pixel-art-but-not-quite, and against the game's backdrops they looked like out-of-place little cardboard cutouts.

The whole game had an amateurish look to it, like something you'd see knocked up quickly in RPG Maker rather than a product from Square Enix, one of the most renowned and influential studios in the world.

It's almost as if it was a low-effort cash grab or something.


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