8 Video Game Bugs That Became Features

Hitman 2's homing briefcase .

Hitman 2 briefcase
IO Interactive

Sometimes, try as they might to avoid it, video game developers make mistakes.

These can vary anywhere from bugs or glitches, to little bits of unintentional text left behind. Mistakes like these can range from a small error that can be quietly patched out of the game, to bugs that can completely halt your progress and end up ruining the game entirely.

Occasionally though, developers like to have a little fun with their mistakes.

Developers like Bethesda, who are no strangers to game-breaking bugs, love to polk fun at themselves at every opportunity. In 2018 they even released an entire game as a joke, with Fallout 76.

Thankfully other developers like to go the extra mile, taking a bug and converting it into a full-blown feature. Sometimes this is just a sneaky little joke or a throwaway piece of dialogue, but every so often companies embrace these mistakes to the point that they become a full feature.

Whether they manifest themselves in an update or a sequel, these mistakes and the features birthed out of them prove that developers are humans capable of poking fun at their shortcomings.

8. Final Fantasy VI - The Train Suplex

Hitman 2 briefcase
Square Enix

Final Fantasy 6, the oft-forgotten entry in the FF series, once more commonly known as Final Fantasy 3 in the West (due to Final Fantasy 2, 3 and 5 never releasing stateside) received wide-spread acclaim when it was released back in 1994.

It's since been ported and re-released dozens of times, appearing on consoles such as the Gameboy Advance, the original Playstation and the Wii.

Even though the game has been ported so many times, every version of the game has the same hilarious bug: The Sabin Train Suplex.

Party member Sabin has a pretty insane move called Suplex (also known as Meteor Strike in Japan), in which he (unsurprisingly) suplexes an enemy. There are certain enemies Sabin can't suplex, due to their size or strength, but for some reason, The Phantom Train - a fully sized 19th-century steam train - can be picked up and flipped over.

Fans of the series loved this dumb interaction so much (a regular-sized man WWE-style suplexes a train, what's not to love?) that it has remained in every port of the game since.

Here's hoping FF6 gets a remake too so we can see this in its full 3D glory.

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