8 Video Game Characters You Should Never Fall In Love With

Broken hearts club.

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Seeing as it's now just gone passed the lovey-dovey day dedicated to ol' St. Valentines we are now officially as far away from corporate-mandated love as we can possibly be on a calendar year. As you pass down aisles in shopping centers once dedicated to love, now all you'll find are discounted cupids and wilting flowers at half price.

Romantic right?

Well, let's take this cynicism and sass and apply it to the world of video games, which prove without a shadow of a doubt that sometimes trusting your heart will sometimes lead to it not just being broken but also being pieced by a knife-driven right into your back.

Too often have love interests or supposedly twinned souls obliterated your trust with a late-game betrayal, selfish act, or turn towards the dark to the point where you might sit back from the game and state aloud "I'm never going to love again".

So consider this a life lesson on being careful who you love, because in these moments of "immediate divorce" they're taking way more than half the DVD collection and a smattering of "The nice mugs" from the cupboard, as here it might have also cost you your life.


8. Far Cry 3 - Citra

final fantasy 7 crisis core zack

So let's face facts, the Citra ending from Far Cry 3 is just plain....weird.

Actually, it's not even weird, so much that it's, what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, that's right absolute hot garbage.

I'm sorry to those kinky freaks who enjoyed the whole "now that's not what I meant by double penetration" ending, but aside from its immediate shock value, it's a really poor way to close out this otherwise brilliant game. Just think about the choices that lead you to this ending, as not only do you have to actively betray all your friends, you straight up murder your girlfriend who was the driving force behind your quest in the first place. I swear the devs put this ending in as a joke at the player's expense, to show them that falling in love, or at least lust, with Citra was always going to be a bad call.

I mean what does it say about the player themselves that they were willing to drop a long committed relationship in the most final of ways, just to have a momentary bit of bliss with someone you've just met. I know that Citra was gassing you up a lot with talk of being the Chosen One but come on man, learn some self-restraint.

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