8 Video Game Plot Twists Revealed OUTSIDE The Main Story

7. Coco's Origin And Tawna's Absence - Crash Bandicoot 2

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Coco
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While all fans accept Coco Bandicoot as part of the Crash family after first showing up in the seminal second game, have you ever stopped to think about where she actually came from? Crash's sister was nowhere to be seen in the first game, where the whole point was to save his girlfriend, Tawna.

The real-life story for the switch of female characters is that Naughty Dog was pressured to remove Tawna from following games because she was, uh, "too sexy" for the target audience. The story goes that both Sony and Universal didn't think her design was appropriate, and wanted a female lead that was less sexualised.

As a result, Coco appears right at the start of Crash 2 like she's always been there, a bit like Dawn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her sudden appearance is never addressed in game, and fans had to piece together through supplementary material, like the Wrath of Cortex manual, that she was indeed Crash's biological sister before the two were hit with the Evolvo-Ray, was created before the start of the series, and was a more successful experiment (hence her ability to talk)

Likewise, Tawna's sudden disappearance has never been addressed in game, but the Japanese manual for Crash 2 revealed that her and the Bandicoot broke up after the events of the first title, where she immediately started dating gangster Pinstripe instead.


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