8 Video Game Villains Who Wanted YOU To Win

Joseph Seed secretly had your back.

Far cry 5

Generally speaking, it’s assumed that the overwhelming majority of video game villains don’t want you to succeed in your own quest, because would they really be villains otherwise?

The entire point is that the hero and villain are diametrically opposed in philosophies, and while that’s generally true across most forms of media, there are a few games which have strayed from the convention.

Every so often the villain might actually be slyly rooting for you to achieve your goal, perhaps because they’re secretly manipulating you from behind the scenes, or maybe they’re just fed up of life and actively seeking death for themselves.

Whatever the reason, these video game villains all wanted you to triumph in your operating mission, regardless of whether you actually did or not.

Handily, several of these games even provided players with an end-game choice, to follow through with their goal even while knowing that it would also benefit the villain, or go another way and foil them instead.

No matter how things turned out, these villains were all secretly cheerleading you through the bulk of the game, keenly micromanaging you to get the job done...

8. Dormin - Shadow of the Colossus

Far cry 5
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Shadow of the Colossus' Big Bad, Dormin, has an incredibly vested interest in protagonist Wander succeeding in his quest, given that Dormin manipulated him into carrying it out in the first place.

At the start of the game, Dormin tasks Wander with slaying the sixteen colossi residing throughout the Forbidden Land if he wants to resurrect Mono, a dead young woman he brings to Dormin's temple.

And even accepting the profound sense of melancholy that's felt every time we, the player, slay a colossus, little could fully prepare anyone for that climactic mic drop revelation, that Dormin is actually a god-like entity who has been sealed away in the temple by Lord Emon and his men.

Basically, fragments of Dormin were encased within each colossus, and by defeating the sixteenth and final one, Wander unknowingly completed a ritual of-sorts to free the imprisoned Dormin, who promptly takes control of Wander's body and transforms into a gigantic shadowy entity.

Even though Emon is ultimately able to seal Dormin back within the temple once again, Dormin basically took full advantage of Wander's desperate desire to bring Mono back to life, and very nearly liberated himself in the process.

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