8 Video Games That Just Aren't As Good As You Remember

6. Rayman 1

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It feels harsh to take umbrage with a game as beautiful as Rayman 1, and to be honest a lot of you might even cry foul of me even placing this title on this list, however, there is a pretty big reason why it earns it's place here which I'll get to.

You see, the opening stages of Rayman with its gradual difficulty incline and lusciously different worlds and enemies make for some of the purest platforming enjoyment one can get. However, the wheels absolutely come off the experience comes the third level which basically states that it's dropping the act and that this game actually isn't for kids at all despite those cutesy aesthetics.

This sudden spike in difficulty, plus some absolutely !*$% level designs turn this game into one of the hardest titles on the PS1 and I'm genuinely not kidding.

When coupled with a save/continue mechanic that remembers how many lives you were on at the time you saved can make the title literally impossible as you simply don't have enough lives to get through the tougher sections, you've got a title that many remember as being a dream-like experience which is an utter nightmare in practice.

Oh and to cap things off, you can only fight the final boss after you've collected every single one of the collectibles in each stage, so have fun with that!


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