8 Video Games That Pushed Petty Feuds

GTA vs True Crime. GTA wins. Flawless victory.


The world of gaming has seen ongoing feuds ever since its inception. The dawn of third-party publishers all branding themselves with names that would appear higher in the phone book than their predecessors can be seen as an early form of this.

Developers and publishers have engaged in competition for years, with the working title for Activision's original Call Of Duty being "Medal Of Honor Killer" - a transparent ploy to topple EA's popular franchise.

Most notable is the endless battle between Sega and Nintendo during the 16-Bit era. The infamous marketing slogan "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" is only the tip of the iceberg, with the Sega CD's campaign screeching, "There is no Nintendo CD!" and the Game Gear's promotional materials insinuating Game Boy owners had the IQ and the colour-sensitivity of dogs.

Meanwhile, Nintendo quietly sat and got on with making good games, presumably chuckling when both the Sega CD and Game Gear crashed and burned.

Over the years, video games have exchanged blows, mostly lighthearted. Whether it's pejorative references to characters from similar franchises, subtle comments on the mechanics of other games or indictments of another developer's cynical marketing techniques, there are countless titles that skewer each other - frequently resulting in retaliation.

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