8 Video Games That Pushed Petty Feuds

7. Back And Forth Feuding - Grand Theft Auto & True Crime

True crime
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At the height of its popularity on the Playstation 2, the Grand Theft Auto series was skewering everyone and everything it possibly could.

Nothing within the pop culture spectrum was safe from GTA's profane brand of satire, and it was almost a badge of honour to be lampooned in some way by Rockstar's behemoth.

Activision's True Crime games, notorious GTA clones with none of the charm, tried their hand at Rockstar's style of parody. In the first entry, True Crime: Streets Of LA, billboards can be seen advertising Jock Straps, featuring a man's barely covered crotch and a logo suspiciously similar to Rockstar's.

In retaliation, Rockstar featured billboards in GTA: San Andreas for "True Grime Street Cleaners", with the slogan "Get rid of old rubbish, fast!". True Crime then hit back once again, with a remark from protagonist Marcus Reed, complaining during a side mission that he'll be "flying remote control toys and sh*t!", an obvious reference to San Andreas' universally despised Zero missions.

While Grand Theft Auto then went on to become one of gaming's best-selling franchises, True Crime was canned, leaving a legacy of just 2 solid 4/10 titles. Any further barbs from Rockstar would have felt less like good-natured banter and more like dancing on a dead opponent's grave, and thus the feud was over.

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