8 Video Games That Started Out Totally Different

7. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto Race

The GTA franchise is now arguably the biggest franchise in gaming history with the series being a best seller since the Playstation 2 trilogy.

From there it only went on to gain steam as we finally got to the fifth numbered game. But back in the 90s the crown jewel of Rockstar’s portfolio almost turned out totally different.

This was almost not a franchise all about stealing cars and rising up in the ranks in the criminal underworld, Nope this one was almost entirely focused on racing. Yep, that’s right, just the racing. The part of these games that for the longest time felt as if it was just there because cars were a thing.

Thankfully we were all saved from Rockstar’s multiplayer racer once known as Race ‘n’ Chase all because of a bug in the code. This glitch in the matrix caused police to pursue the players and from there, the developers never looked back. They turned the playable character into a criminal and thus, GTA was born.

Now when are we getting GTA 6?


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