8 Video Games With The WRONG Final Boss

6. The Chimera - Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant

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Should've Been: Neo Cortex

It's pretty safe to say that any Crash Bandicoot experience that ends without a final confrontation with the one and only hammer-headed heel that is Dr. Neo Cortex is going to make for a strange time, and if you can say anything about the lukewarm Crash: Mind Over Mutant title for the DS, it's that it most definitely was strange.

Leaving absolutely no mystery about it, the final level of the handheld port of the game introduces a new boss known as the Chimera, which is appropriately titled considering it's an amalgamation of all the other bosses' best moves.

It's a shame that this collage of stolen signature styles didn't churn out a better boss design though because you could quite literally cut beef on all the angular spikes coming off this Hot Topic-looking mess.

Worse still is that without any lead-up, we lose the plot thread of Cortex turning himself into a monstrous mutant in order to combat Crash, and while that battle didn't exactly set the world on fire, it felt more connected to the main narrative than this blender boss battle that we got on the DS version.

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