8 Video Games You Can Break By Playing Perfectly

1. Tetris - NES

Bioshock 2
System 16

So, if you've ever wanted to feel utterly useless as a human being, then you should watch professional Tetris players work their craft because trust me, these people are truly another breed.

From possessing amazing pattern recognition skills to being able to perfectly adjust to situations should things not stack up properly, the prowess on show here is actually quite mind-blowing.

In fact, it's so intense that even the original game couldn't keep up with them. In an effort to try and curb the experience, the NES title has a huge spike in speed that hits around level 29 and renders it impossible to move the blocks from one edge of the screen to the other before they hit the stack.

However, as I've just mentioned pro-Tetris players aren't bound by the same laws we are and found out that it was indeed possible to carry on playing FOR ANOTHER 120 LEVELS.

120 Levels. At this speed. Are you kidding me?

Well, it turns out that having precognition won't save you from the game's final failsafe, which kicks in after this point as the score hits maximum capacity and completely shuts down.

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