8 Video Games You Spent 100+ Hours In (And Still Haven't Finished)

You're never getting to the end of these.

Assassin S Creed Valhalla Excalibur

A game needs to be truly special for most players to willingly sink over 100 hours into it - or in the very least, it has to be really damn addictive.

And while for most players 100+ hours spent will signify a game that’s well worth the money, what about those games that, even after so much time, you still haven’t rolled credits on?

Many great games will incentivise players to keep exploring their lush world long after they’ve plowed through the shorter main story, but sometimes, for a multitude of reasons, you’ll put an obscene amount of time into a game without ever actually beating the core experience.

Perhaps the campaign is itself basically “side content” compared to everything else the game has to offer, maybe the world is just that damn immersive, or you might love it enough that you’re genuinely anxious about pulling the trigger and fighting the final boss.

Whatever the reason, these games have oh-so-many of us still far away from the end credits with well over 100 hours in the bank.

While you can beat many of these games in 100 hours, their worlds are so tantalisingly immersive that it's incredibly unlikely you'll not be lured off the beaten path by side missions, collectibles, and the sheer pure joy of exploration.

On one hand it’s certainly a compliment to each game’s ability to retain players, but on the other, in a year with so many amazing games to play, it’s becoming tougher to justify investing so much time in any one single title…

8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Assassin S Creed Valhalla Excalibur

Now, obviously there will be some people who finally behooved themselves to finish Skyrim in the 12 years since it first came out, but they're most certainly outliers among the more than 60 million people who own the game.

It's almost comical how many folk have dropped not merely 100 but hundreds of hours into Bethesda's intoxicatingly immersive RPG without actually playing the story to completion.

There are literally entire Reddit threads full of folks "confessing" that they're more than 1000 hours into this thing and yet haven't even once beaten a main story that's no longer than 30 hours long. That's damn wild.

But it's somehow totally understandable, because like most Bethesda games, Skyrim is so, so much more than its campaign, which really feels like an added value proposition than the reason to play the game. And, if we're being honest, the story's not that great anyway.

The real allure of course lies in drinking in this utterly mesmeric world, and that's without even considering how much depth mods have added to the game, nor how many times so many of us have restarted Skyrim each time it's been ported to a new system.


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