9 Elaborate Video Game Urban Legends Everyone Believed

7. Diablo - There Is No Cow Level (Yet)

tomb raider

The legend: Forget about the very real demon invasion gaining momentum by the minute under the feet of Tristram's human population, there was a far more pressing matter troubling its residents.

Bovines, particularly of the mooing kind, were becoming an ever larger threat to mankind, and in order to dispatch with the horde's king, the heroes of Tristram would need to enter their realm through a top-secret method: furiously clicking on a specific cow in fields surrounding the town until the entrance revealed itself.

Where it came from: Who knows, but whatever the source, Blizzard found the whole myth so humorous that it inserted a real hidden level populated solely by bipedal cows into Diablo II. Instead of prodding the poor farm animals in the hopes of a miracle, two specific items needed to be collected and combined to open the gateway to the Cow King's realm, and he wasn't happy to see you.

Diablo III followed the trend with a similar easter egg, even going so far as to include a ghostly apparition of the poor monarch you slaughtered in the previous game and his grieving, extremely irate widow.

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