9 Elaborate Video Game Urban Legends Everyone Believed

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Hunting Bigfoot

tomb raider

The legend: If Grand Theft Auto V has taught us anything about Rockstar's stance on hidden content and easter eggs, it's that it loves to play the long con.

In 2017, four years after the game's original release, the mystery surrounding Mount Chiliad's crudely drawn map depicting eggs and aliens was finally solved, sort of, via tampering of the game's files.

Those suspicions eventually led to a semi-satisfying payoff, then, but not every one of GTA's urban legends has had a happy end. Case in point, Bigfoot. In what must have resulted in a combined total of hours numbering in the thousands, players made poor CJ traipse through the San Andreas countryside in search of the elusive monster, but no confirmed siting was ever made.

Where it came from: After the catastrophic PR disaster Rockstar was forced to confront following discovery of San Andreas' infamous 'Hot Coffee' mod, reissues of the game with the offending code removed had purportedly undergone other slight changes, including the genuine inclusion of Bigfoot.

As sure as day turns to night, a deluge of fake sightings and modded games depicting the furry fellow surfaced online, but none were ever proven to be genuine.

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