9 Insane Origins Of Gaming's Most Over-Sexualised Female Characters

8. EVA - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal gear solid EVA

Snake Eater was Hideo Kojima's most westernised Metal Gear yet, a tribute to spy thrillers and James Bond in everything from its theme song, to the femme fatale that seduced Snake across the story.

Within minutes of meeting EVA, she's already unzipped her boiler suit and gotten inside your head. It's very on-the-nose and over-the-top 'seduction', but that's entirely the point. The fact that horny teenagers were hooked and Snake showed his own affection with a hang-dog expression, is a wider comment from Kojima on how much sexuality - especially female - dominates any given scenario.

Design-wise, she was based on Fujiko Mine, a balloon-boobed secret agent from the manga, Lupin, who makes it her business to constantly switch allegiances, use her figure to her advantage, and pine after the series' titular hero. Kojima grew up reading the series, and to hammer home how much the characters are related, EVA even gives you a Browning 1911, a refined model of Mine's signature 1910 pistol.

The fact that EVA frequently pops up in any article about 'the hottest babes in gaming' is testament to the fact her character render did its job, and despite how immature her actions appear to be scripted, serves only to play with that expectation at the close of the game.

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