9 Insane Origins Of Gaming's Most Over-Sexualised Female Characters

7. Ivy - Soul Calibur

soul calibur 4 iv ivy

No character set's female contingent has been so ridiculously over-inflated across the years than Soul Calibur's. Both Taki and especially Ivy received makeovers that made their boobs look more like twin Hindenburgs taking flight.

Let's focus on Ivy, because even back in 2013, the dev team were having regular debates around whether her breasts should be bigger still. Yes, bigger than they were in SoulCalibur IV, to the point where director Daishi Odashima hilariously/worryingly noted,

€œI have a hunch that some staff members only stay so they can work on the physics for Ivy€™s breasts. Some even work overtime on her character model even if they are not part of the character design team. Rarely can we focus on the battle mechanics or the blocking system without some member pointing out that it might impact how Ivy will move. I should just put my foot down and get rid of her as a character altogether but then a lot of our staff would probably quit.€

Initially going through a huge amount of variations including "a male ninja, a mummy and a little girl", the team reportedly grew attached to the idea of a whip-cracking dominatrix, making her the increased focus of SC's roster time and again.

Her exaggerated figure is purely a result of trying to make each iteration "bigger and better", although the team would later note that she was "overdone" in SC IV, resulting in her being reigned in a tad for part five.

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