Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Every Detail You Need To Know

7. A Sequel To Origins (Not Completely Detached)

Assassins creed origins

Perhaps the most interesting bit of information so far is that, while the new game will take place in an entirely different location than Origins, it's being viewed as a straight sequel to that game.

Although previous entries in the franchise used to follow the same storyline, the series in recent years has instead been made up of standalone experiences, with new heroes, settings and plots popping up with each new game.

It hasn't been revealed entirely, but reports suggest that while not being a straight continuation of the story established in Origins, Odyssey will be more of a "true" sequel than many people might expect, presumably using the previous game as a jumping off point to spin an entirely new tale.

That's a pretty big deal, and makes it obvious that Ubi are looking to jump on the goodwill they garnered with Origins.


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