Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer: 11 Things You Totally Missed

7. Hidden Blade Analysis - Ezio/Various Assassins' Recovered Weapons?

Assassin's creed movie hidden blades

I've already covered the new double-blade wielded by Maria, but the ones we se in the present day might actually be those recovered from the heroes of the games. Far more traditional in their appearance, the leftmost blade has an ornate design very reminiscent of Ezio's, which came with the Assassin symbol etched in.

However, third from the right looks to be a 'hook-blade', the refined and U-shaped design given to a much older Ezio in AC: Revelations. It's hard to spot in the trailer, but if you watch the segment back as the camera pans over the case, this blade looks to have a shape that arcs back over on itself, unlike the others.

It's a wise move for Justin Kurzel to take things back as far as possible when it comes to matching the games' at the peak of their popularity, and that means removing all the extraneous add-ons that have dogged the franchise ever since.

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