Assassin's Creed Odyssey: 10 Reasons It's The Best In The Series

10. Photo Mode Is Great Fun


Photo mode may be a relatively small feature, but the beauty of Odyssey makes it ridiculously addictive.

Photo modes seem to be the up and coming trend of this console generation. Rather than the awful trend of something like microtransactions, photo modes are almost always a fantastic addition to a game.

This is certainly true of Odyssey.

Considering the amount of love and effort that Ubisoft has put into the world of Odyssey, it's no wonder they'd want to give players a way of getting a good look at it. There are plenty of areas in the game that are truly drop-dead gorgeous, so its really the perfect game in the series to start with a photo mode.

All you have to do to verify this is go online and look at what some people have already managed to capture.

It may not be as complex as something like Spider-Man's photo mode, but it does the job nicely, and is a great step in the right direction for community features.


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