Batman: Arkham Knight - 10 Things It Must Learn From Asylum

10. Side Missions You Can Complete Without A Guide

Although it was one hell of a ride, once Arkham City was done you were ready for more - only to be greeted by a number of fetch-quests disguised as everything from character-revealing murder mysteries to tracking down toxic Titan containers. The problem was after discovering things like Hush's faceless victims or happening across Azrael on a rooftop, it was up to you (as the player) to figure out where to go next. Origins would remedy the idea of a more in-depth Detective Mode, but considering how effective Batman's cowl can be at identifying blood toxins and poisons across the city, leaving you to simply rummage through every alleyway in the hopes of discovering the next clue is a bit misguided. Asylum obviously had less under the hood when it came to the sheer amount of characters to interact with (the fact they were all within a more confined space let you see them all) but it doesn't change the fact that unless you could be bothered to comb through Arkham City itself or use one of the guides online, you'd never have found the likes of Hush, Riddler, Azrael and the rest.
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