Batman: Arkham Reboot 2020 - 15 Leaked Details You're Not Supposed To Know

Multiple playable characters, the biggest world yet & the Court of Owls? Holy reboot Batman!

Batman Arkham 2020
Warner Bros.

Exciting times Bat-fans!

If rumours are to be believed, Warner Bros. is gearing up, at last, to announce another Batman game.

It's already been five whole years since the last one, when Arkham Knight released in 2015. Given the massive success of the series so far and the level of polish it generally has, a new entry in the series is a tantalising prospect.

While nothing is confirmed as of yet, the rumour mill is already churning. There are leaks all over the place, outlining everything from the games' cast of heroes and villains, who you'll be playing as, and the fact that there may even be multiplayer involved.

Said leaks also cover how a completely scrapped title starring Damian Wayne has formed the basis for this new series.

Even more excitingly, we may be able to actually play this title in 2020!

Like the World's Greatest Detective, let's delve into all these rumours and leaks, piece them together, and see if we can figure this thing out, shall we?

Please note that there may be some spoilers ahead for the Batman Arkham series.

15. It's A Reboot

Batman Arkham 2020
Warner Bros.

According to recent rumours, the new Batman title will be acting as a reboot series.

It could be that this is a soft reboot - think of it, in a way, as similar to God of War. The original games still happened, but this new version of the game is due to put its own spin on things and further expand on the mythos established in the previous titles.

Given the events of Arkham Knight, it's not yet known whether this will include someone new as Batman yet, or if they'll somehow address what happened to Bruce Wayne after the climactic events of the last game.

Alternatively this could be its own thing entirely, deciding to not include the events of previous Arkham titles and instead tell a different Batman tale entirely. It happens constantly in the movies and in comics, so why not also in the gaming Batverse too?

If it was a full reboot, we could easily see a return of the Joker once again, despite his demise at the end of Arkham City.


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