Casting The Perfect Red Dead Redemption Film

10. Bryan Cranston As Edgar Ross

Ian McShane Red Dead Redemption

If John Marston was one side of a coin, Edgar Ross would most certainly be on the other. He is a well dressed, intelligent and self-righteous individual who believes that everything he does is in the best interests of America and its people. He is also the mastermind who took Martson’s family into custody so that he could strong-arm him into hunting down his former gang members.

Despite leaving Marston to work alone for the most part, Ross accompanies him in his pursuit of Dutch Van Der Linde, leading to a rough exchange of words between the two. Where John points out the hypocrisy of Ross’ work and the means to which he achieves his goals, Ross constantly talks down to Marston in his self-righteous, condescending way.

It’s a role that requires an actor who can demand the same level of fear and respect that the character does, and for this, there are few better suited than Bryan Cranston.

Cranston’s many incredible monologues in Breaking Bad demonstrate how good he is at capturing the audience's attention and conveying what his character's true feelings are, which makes him the perfect to play Edgar Ross.


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