Crash Bandicoot: Ranking Every Game From Worst To Best

17. Crash Tag Team Racing

Crash bandicoot

Summative pictures aside. Ideas can sometimes sound stupendous in theory, but there are times it's conceived in the wrong mind, apparently. Tag Team Racing was one of these ideas, and although it may have sounded like an energetic romp that would be desirable to Crash fans or kart fans in general, but its potential to harken back to the glory days was squandered immensely.

As you can probably assume by now, it crashed and burned quicker than fast-forwarded footage of the Concorde.

While it does stay true to its name, imbuing the tag team aspect while predominantly focussing on the racing that goes side by side with it, the elements are there, but their insipidness prevents them from working in harmony. That's without mentioning the admission of the hub world, a hub world that renders everything else in the game obsolete.

When you're not overriding opponents in pursuit of becoming infused with their vehicle, or more accurately attaching to N.Gin to become practically invincible, you're collecting more crystals in the platforming department than in the the game's alleged primary focus.

The hub world is indeed that, but its also an hermogonised platformer in of itself. Which completely eliminates the necessity of playing the actual game. Everything can be unlocked by charging around the world for a few hours doing more or less nothing.

So, when your design flaws eradicate the challenge exponetially, you can rest assured that its going to fall into obscurity, rather than memorability.


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