Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Coolest Features We Can't Wait To Play

10. “Making It Accessible To Non Shooter Fans Was Important To Us”

CD Projekt Red

This quote comes direct from Alvin Lui from CD Projekt Red, who gave an interview to WCCF Tech to coincide with the July gameplay demo. It previously made the list as a harsh gameplay truth, but deserves its place here as well.

Basically, if you’re expecting a fully focussed shooter (as you might with forced first person), you need to understand that Cyberpunk isn’t going to be that sort of game. For those worried about a shooter heavy focus rather than expecting it though, it’s exciting news.

Essentially, it’s a harsh truth for shooter fans and an exciting feature for players hoping for a more rounded game.

It suggests that rather than the setting just being background dressing as it often is in modern shooters, it will instead be a fully developed, rich world for us to explore. Accessible to non shooter fans reads as being less gun and run, cover mechanics and more narrative driven with some occasional set pieces.

Mixed with the varying playstyles discussed elsewhere in the list, it seems how much gunplay features depends a lot on your approach. It’s even possible to go all Mirror’s Edge and complete an entirely pacifist playthrough, if you fancy it.


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