Death Stranding: 10 CONFIRMED Story & Gameplay Details You Need To Know

7. Ropes Are An Important Theme

Death Stranding Lea Seydoux
Kojima Productions

No, we don't mean like literal ropes. Oh wait, it could kind of be that too...

One of the main themes of Death Stranding is reconnecting and it seems that ropes will be the literal and figurative way of doing this.

Early on after the game's announcement, one of the first images released was a cartoony image of the game's characters, all connected by ropes. This theme can be seen in lots of the game's imagery, such as the handcuffs that Sam prominently wears.

All of this will connect to the game's main objective (more on that later), and will have players connecting themselves to the game's characters and even each other.

This central theme has been advertised heavily by Hideo Kojima himself, with the phrase "create the rope" becoming the game's tagline.

Even if we know that Death Stranding will feature ropes as a prominent theme, we still haven't seen the full extent of what that means.


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