Deathloop PS5 Review: 8 Ups & 3 Downs


8. Plot Is Dripping With Personality

Deathloop Game

The first thing you'll notice about Deathloop - before its brutal combat or range of powers - is just how potent its personality is. Set in an alternate 1970s on the fictional Blackreef island, the music, aesthetic and charm of the game is instantly inviting.

The pumping score, grindhouse colour palette and the eccentricities of the environment - from lavish party plazas to nuclear bunkers that have become the home of debauched artists - all work in tandem to give Deathloop such a strong identity that you can't help but fall right in love with.

The plot itself, which i won't dare spoil here, is suitably winding and satisfying too. Coming to understand who these Visionaries are, what their relationships with each other are, why only Colt and Julianna know they're in a time loop and more all offer solid narrative drives to keep playing.

The fact that most of this is told through environmental storytelling, journal entries and gameplay only makes it more impressive.

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