Doom: Ranking All The Games From Worst To Best

11. Doom RPG

Fountainhead Entertainment

You probably saw this one coming, so I'll keep this short and sweet and focus on what actually worked well with this game.

As said earlier, although the Doom RPGs don't exactly capture what Doom is all about, they do craft a more than solid story and bolster it with a terrifically light gameplay style that is a perfect adaptation to mobile gaming. All of this having been achieved before the dawn of the smartphone, to boot.

The first Doom RPG came out of the gate with a hot new concept and a fresh bag of ideas to turn the franchise on its head.

Implementing a turn based, strategic play-style and focusing more on the narrative than any of the other games that had come before it, the RPGs have undoubtedly influenced many of the later games in the franchise despite their return to the more traditional style of Doom at their core.

All in all, Doom RPG was a strong entry into the Doom ethos, despite its departure from its shooter cousins, and brought a lot more to the table than you might think.

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