DOTA 2 Tips: 6 Ways To Become A Better Player

4. Don't Jump Into Ranked Games Yet


The ladder of DotA 2 ranked is a perilous place. As a beginner, it's much easier to learn in unranked setting where people aren't heavily focused on climbing the rankings. Unranked games, colloquially known as pubs, has much more players who just want to learn the game, try new risque builds and just goof around with friends.

One of the modes of unranked is called Ability Draft, where each player take turns choosing three regular spell and one ultimate spell. This could be useful for discovering new combination of spells and builds.

True to their origin, DotA 2 hosts community created content like custom games. One of the custom games called Overthrow can be quickest way to learn DotA 2. All abilities and items are same as normal game, but the upside of this mode is that the respawn timer is much shorter so you can get back to playing sooner. Of course there are many other custom games that are radically different from normal game like tower of defense games for when you want to take a break from high tension matches of DotA 2.

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