E3 2019: 11 Leaked Video Games You're Not Supposed To Know About

10. Roller Champions (Ubisoft's Rocket League Contender)

roller champions

It makes sense that eventually, a bigger-tier developer would try to get in on the Rocket League crowd.

Where Pysonix essentially revolutionised the idea of a physics-based sports game; stripping it down to "just put the ball in the net with your car", Ubisoft are entering the race with Roller Champions - a roller derby multiplayer-only game with fast tackles, passes and scoring.

Broken down thanks to multiple leaks, Ubi are casting as wide a net as possible. We've got Fortnite-esque character models, a simplified control scheme, online-only multiplayer, tons of emotes and gameplay that anyone can get in on.

Though we're yet to get our heads around how matches are played, you can see the available footage below, providing it doesn't get taken down.

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