Fallout: 10 Most Evil Things That Can Happen

1. Myron - Fallout 2

Fallout myron

As we've already established, while it's not surprising that games set in a world wherein merely surviving into adulthood was something of an accomplishment that human ethics aren't at their most virtuous, Fallout 2 takes the shamelessness of humanity to a whole other level.

This is possibly best personified in Myron, a teenage that the player encounters in Reno city. Myron is allegedly behind the invention of the drug Jet for the Mordino crime family, resulting in a huge number of the surrounding residents to become addicted.

However, while Myron's lack of remorse over his creation of a drug that has left countless people hopelessly dependent is disgusting, the teenager commits an even more sickening crime in-game.

If the player character is a female with low intelligence, Myron will knock the player out with a spiked drink when they first meet him... and then proceed to rape them.

Yup, the game really went that dark.

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