Fallout 76: 10 New Gameplay Details You Need To Know

9. PVP Can Happen At Any Time

Fallout 76

While 76 will be primarily focused on teaming up with groups of players to take on missions cooperatively, PVP will still be a huge part of the experience. According to Todd Howard, you can be attacked at any time by roaming gangs out to steal your goods or pillage the base you've spent hours building and fortifying.

Of course, you can fight back (and you'll no doubt stand a better chance of defending yourself if you've got a group of your own), but it seems as though there's the option for some nefarious players to essentially adopt the role of raiders from the previous entries in the series, roaming the wasteland and attacking any hapless saps they come across.

Fortunately, there will allegedly be ways to tweak how you want to experience Fallout 76, with PVP features able to be toned down, no doubt depending on which server you're currently playing in. Apparently the team are attempting to avoid the same griefing you get in other survival games like DayZ, instead offering genuine challenges rather than simply rewarding the most aggressive players with the best loot.

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