Far Cry 5: 14 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Hope County is dark and full of prepper stashes.

Far Cry 5

After years of pre-release hype and thought on just how politicised Ubisoft were going to make their American-themed Far Cry, the reality is a game that throws a whole load of ideas at the wall, with a good handful of them sticking.

Is it an on-point dissection of historical issues that still divide race and culture in the west to this day? How about a comment on the idea of religious extremism building inside an otherwise freedom-loving society? Or... is it just about clearing out outposts full of goons with a bear called Cheeseburger?

The answer is that it's all three of these things... but to different degrees. The story of Joseph Seed's cult uprising immediately puts your no-named rookie on the back foot, setting you up against the rest of the Seed family in a three-area structure that lets you tackle everything in whichever order you fancy.

From the industrious south where John Seed's celebrity influence lords over the landscape to Faith Seed's zombie fiction-channeling deployment of "the Bliss", the entire region of Hope County feels like Mad Max meets Just Cause, with a sprinkle of GTA's irreverent humour over the top.

It's certainly got a lot of people talking, but to get the most out of Far Cry 5, you need to know it inside out.

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