Far Cry 5: 14 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

14. Boomer Can Scan Any Enemy Area In One Go

Far Cry 5 BOOMER

Now, the game does state that Boomer's special ability is a radial scan for nearby enemies, but you can use this in a far more useful way than just letting foes pop up whenever he gets close.

Instead of waiting for your view to populate when moving, zoom in using the binoculars or any weapon sight and look to the other side of whichever outpost or area you're about to conquer. Tap the D-pad direction you've got Boomer assigned to, and set him off wandering through the base.

Think of your waypoint like a straight line that Boomer's radial awareness zone will travel down, and try to plot a course through the centre of a given space. Before long you'll see all enemies start to show up, and if it feels like any are missing, get some height with a different angle, and try again.

Boomer is the only companion who doesn't trigger enemies, meaning you can take your time and scout an entire zone before making your killing sweep.

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