Far Cry 5: 14 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

13. Prepper Stashes Are The Quickest Way To Level Up & Get Better Gear

Far Cry 5 Salvage Stash

Don't think - even for a second - that standard Ubisoft rules apply. Any past notions of avoiding collectibles like the plague needs to be flipped on its head, as in Far Cry 5, they house the best goodies.

Called Prepper Stashes, they show up on your map as ancillary pickups set aside for completionists, but some of the most well-designed portions of the game are connected to triggering them. From underground puzzles to cliff-side wingsuit races, you'll first trigger the stash waypoint, then have to find precisely where it is nearby.

Inside are huge amounts of cash and occasionally some specific weapons, alongside progress towards Perk Points. You can talk to civilians and other NPCs with icons above their heads to find more Stashes as you play - essentially just hoover them up whenever you can. You won't regret it.

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