FIFA 13: 10 Celebrations That Must Be Included

8. Rooney€™s €˜Hug Me€™ Not all celebrations are remembered for their originality and humour, some celebrations just manage to flop, but are excused by the spectacular goal they follow. Wayne Rooney had just scored what was later voted the greatest goal of the Premier League era, an exquisite bicycle kick in a Manchester Derby. It was the most flawless goal imaginable, every single detail was perfect, the winning goal in a derby, against Joe Hart, a bicycle kick into the top corner- simply surreal. Rooney picks himself up off the ground and runs to the corner of the stadium to celebrate in front of the fans, a traditional knee-slide or air punch would have been entirely excusable to cap off such a goal. Instead, Rooney opted to stop mid-sprint, turn to his onrushing teammates and reach out for a hug on his tiptoes. It was a celebration which made most people sneer €œwhat, that€™s it?€ at what was possibly the worst celebration in relation to the goal it celebrated in football history. It remained somehow iconic however, strangely memorable and instantly recognisable. It would add a great touch to FIFA 13, making it even more authentic and no doubt delighting all Man United fans who could re-live the pinnacle of their season when scoring with their star striker.
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