FIFA 14: 5 Classic Forgotten Features We'd Love To See Return

4. Adjust Referee Strictness

ref One particular feature from FIFA games of days gone by that I used to exploit was the "adjust referee strictness" ability, which was controlled via a bar which could be tweaked in the options menu. In the more recent era of FIFA games, each referee has their own individual "personality" in which strictness varies, which is all well and good, except for those times when you play a match officiated by that one referee who dishes out yellow cards as though they're going out of fashion. I wasn't referee strictness to be more universal again, and something of which I can control. I have personally lost track of the amount of times I have been dropped in the box, only to not get a penalty because the referee is "too lenient", or, on the flip-side of things, times where I have executed perfectly timed tackles in the box and won the ball only for the referee to point to the spot. By allowing gamers to choose a referee strictness that suits their game, EA would be dealing with these frustrations, which is definitely a good thing in our book.
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