FIFA 14: 5 Improvements EA Must Make

5. Improved Collision Detection System

FIFA Anyone who has ever watched a game of football will tell you that it is a contact sport. They will also tell you that certain players hit the deck like the proverbial sack of potatoes upon the slightest of contact, before rolling around on the floor pleading with the referee to award them a penalty. To an extent, this featured in FIFA 13, the most recent in the series. Collision detection saw a huge overhaul which afforded the game more realism, and also improved the injury feature too. However, the detection wasn't always perfect. Upon racing through the defence one day and putting myself one-and-one with the keeper, the last defender raced up behind me, clipped my heels and sent me sprawling to the turf. Referee! Red! Red! What? Not even a freekick? Right... Furthermore, the handball detection system was laughable. Gamers can choose either to turn handball 'off' or 'on' before any game, but for those of us who like to get the most out of our virtual footballing experience and prefer to have it on, EA really let us down. I have literally seen defenders juggle with the ball before kicking it to safety, completely undetected by the referee. EA have to improve this detection if they are to keep fans from throwing the DualShock at the television in blind frustration.
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