FIFA 14: 5 Improvements EA Must Make

fifa14 Yesterday, EA Sports dropped the first FIFA 14 details for us to pick over, including 12 brand new screenshots and information on new gameplay features. With the Barclay's Premier League drawing to a close over the next month, football fans are going to need to get their fix somehow, and thus the official announcement of EA's latest football game has arrived at precisely the right time. FIFA has been a staple title in the EA family ever since its seminal release in 1993, and the most recent version of the game, FIFA 13, is continuing to sell strongly in the UK charts - ranking in third place across all platforms earlier this week, a whole six months after its release. Proof then that its lure is still irresistible to gamers everywhere and but one reason why the series has such longevity. However, in spite of FIFA 13 exceeding sales targets, it wasn't a flawless game. Twenty years on, there are still a lot of things that EA are getting wrong, whether it's small yet frustrating mistakes or flat-out glaring errors. Here, ahead of the release of FIFA 14 later this year, we take a look at 5 Improvements EA Must Make. Click "Next" to get started.
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