FIFA 20: 10 Players That Will Be Ridiculously Overrated

FIFA 20 is almost here, but steel yourself for the usual round of overrated names.

Instagram/Wikimedia Commons/EA Sports

EA Sports has a long history of fumbling player ratings in its games; no matter if it's FIFA, NHL, Madden, or NBA. FIFA in particular though, seems to get short shrift if this sense.

Every year there are a swathe of players that are overrated, and plenty that are underrated. You can usually tell who they're going to be as well; big name stars always get a boost based on their popularity, while players at less popular teams seemingly get dealt the short straw. For example, no matter how good a player is for Genoa, he will never be rated as highly as a first-team Barcelona player. It wouldn't matter if he scored 50 goals a season.

So today we want to make some predictions about who will be overrated, based on a healthy dose of assumption and knowledge. FIFA 20 is mere weeks away and we're excited to get our hands on it, but we already know those ratings are going to make our blood boil. So let's prepare ourselves now for the sheer rage when we see the preposterous ratings these 10 players have, for no good reason at all.

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