FIFA 21: 10 Most Shocking Ratings

9. Christian Eriksen

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EA Sports

The 2019/20 season was a difficult one for Christian Eriksen. After trying to leave Tottenham in the summer, he was made to wait until January to finally make his move away from North London, eventually joining Inter. Unfortunately, he has only managed 11 starts and 4 goals in 2020 so far, with some reports now suggesting that Antonio Conte no longer sees a future for him at the club.

This difficult year is reflected in Eriksen's FIFA 21 card. Despite still being known as a world-class midfielder on his day, EA evidently feel Eriksen's lacklustre season has earned him a downgrade. However, the size of his downgrade is still somewhat shocking.

Going from an 88 to an 85, Eriksen has gone from a solid option for much of the game cycle to a player who will likely be outdated by November. Eriksen has never been particularly fast, but it is the major passing and dribbling downgrades that have hurt his card's rating the most. It represents a disappointing fall from grace for a player who was seen as one of the best midfielders in the Premier League just a couple of years ago.

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