FIFA 21: 10 Most Shocking Ratings

10. Trent Alexander-Arnold

EA Sports

As a key part of Liverpool's title-winning side, it was always to be expected that Trent Alexander-Arnold would be a solid upgrade for FIFA 21. The twenty-one-year-old notched up four goals and thirteen assists, the most for a defender in a single Premier League season ever, making him an obvious candidate for a major upgrade.

However, most FIFA players would not have been expecting him to get quite the upgrade he did. Going from an 83 to an 87, Trent has received one of the biggest upgrades for a high-end player in the game this year. EA has made a concerted effort to upgrade players from teams who won leagues last season, with both Liverpool and Real Madrid players generally getting buffs across the board, and this was likely a key factor in the Englishman receiving the rating he did.

The reason it is so shocking however is because EA has traditionally been very slow when it comes to giving young players big upgrades like this, particularly when it comes to English players. Whereas players such as Harry Kane had to wait years to be given a card of this level, Trent has been given one after just two full seasons as Liverpool's right-back.

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