FIFA 21 Reveal: 10 Things We Most Want To See

7. Announce The Cover Star

EA Sports

Ever since the FIFA series became a mainstay among fans of the beautiful game, the yearly speculation of who will be gracing the cover has become something of a ritualistic tradition among fans of the series.

It hasn't always been like this though. From FIFA 06 to FIFA 12 British fans of the series could expect to see Wayne Rooney featured as the localised star alongside the main cover star, but from 2013 onwards the game has been released in all countries with the same cover star.

So, who's it gonna be this year?

You would think Mo Salah would have to be in contention given his contribution to Liverpool's unprecedented success over the last two years, but there are a number of worthy candidates, including PSG starlet Kylian Mbappe and Man City maestro Kevin De Bruyne

With that being said, last year's featured player Eden Hazard is currently in the midst of a difficult transition period following his big-money transfer to Real Madrid, so while we're not quite at Madden Curse levels, it could be too early to rule out an emerging FIFA voodoo.


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