FIFA 21 Review: 6 Ups & 7 Downs

6. Goalkeepers Are Prone To Flapping

kylian mbappe fifa 21
EA Sports

Anyone who watches top-level Premier League football could tell you that goalkeeper is often a troubling positions for managers. They can't legislate for mistakes that cost valuable points, but that's part of the sport's beauty. Still, it must be agonising for keepers, teammates, gaffers and fans alike.

FIFA 21 has some of the worst goalies ever.

They always want to punch or slap the ball away rather than catching it, and that's true even when they're under zero pressure from attackers. Honestly, it's annoying as f*ck to watch a world class keeper like Alisson refuse to hold the ball, or see him miss a punch completely.

This is something EA need to patch out, and soon. Goalkeepers should not be this erratic or bumbling. Even the best in the game often act like they're some division three nobody who's way out of his depth and has hands like sieves.

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