FIFA 23: 10 Big Changes EA Sports Need To Revitalise The Franchise

9. Fix The Big Exploits Year On Year

EA Sports

One of the biggest problems with any competitive game, including FIFA, is exploits that players try to use to give them an advantage.

This is especially a problem in yearly sports titles, where players look to find that extra percentage that will give them a boost over their opponents, much like teams do in real life football matches. Due to the level of competition and what is on the line in terms of rewards and prize money, players are willing to go to any length to win. Despite EA Sports' best efforts, there are always elements that are overpowered and it doesn't take long for players to find these in the yearly FIFA cycle.

Every year there is a big exploit in FIFA, such as in recent versions the ability to drop back the entire team - making defending much easier - finesse shots being able to fly into the top corner from all angles, and skill moves being near impossible to stop.

Exploits or overpowered moves will never be fully erased as once problems are cleared others will no doubt be found. However, better testing and better updates throughout the year will help to alleviate these problems.


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