FIFA 23 Career Mode: 10 Changes You Need To Know

8. Revamped Pre-Season Tournaments

FIFA 23 Career Mode
EA Sports

Goodbye, bizarrely-long pre-season tournaments of yesteryear.

EA has scrapped those in favour of three-match round robins. In FIFA 23, each tourney will have eight teams, but they’ll only play three times, so it sounds like the emphasis will be on scoring lots of goals/winning them via goal difference.

The developers also claim these pre-season matches will happen closer to the full campaign kicking off too, which means squad rotation will be very important. Put it this way: You don't want to win the Gold Cup (or some b*llocks) over in the United States one minute, then find your Liverpool team riddled with injuries and fatigue before facing Arsenal in the league opener.

What's that? Sure, most gamers will probably skip these unless they have bigger incentives than another £10m in the transfer kitty, but it's cool to know that pre-season will only be three matches long at most from now on.

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