Final Fantasy: 10 Memorable Characters That Deserve Their Own Game

10. Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy Vii Yuffie I would have opted for Locke or Rikku here for a bit of variety in the games the characters are taken from, but they both already spend plenty of time in the limelight in their respective titles. So, Yuffie it is. Yuffie is an optional character from Final Fantasy VII, who hails from Wutai. She is an expert thief, armed with a massive shrunken and the agility of a ninja. She is also a frequent source of comic relief due to her childish nature, and her theme music is delightful. So what kind of game could she star in? How about a Thief-esque title, but more suitable for younger players? She is the kind of character that could quite easily star in a story-driven title for all ages. With an emphasis on thievery and stealth more than combat €“ because stealing is less naughty than fighting, kids €“ it could be a quite unique take on the genre.

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