Final Fantasy XV: 10 Perfect Fan Theories That Make Everything Better

One of the deepest Final Fantasies to date, provided you know where to look.

Square Enix

FFXV has generally been favourably received, although many have questioned decisions to remove key plot points from the main game, as well as other areas where it has been substantially stripped down.

While the modern age of DLC is allowing Square to add new cutscenes and gameplay that will help explain some of the story, it is disappointing so much didn't make it in the game in time for it's initial release.

Fortunately for the theorists among us, Square left a lot of clues as to the lore and true plot of FFXV.

From numerous promotional videos, to exploring the early FF versus XIII intentions, to examining the clues within the game itself, fans around the world have pieced together some phenomenal theories which serve to expand the story of FFXV, and – crucially – offer much more meaning to the plot and the characters.

In the interest of keeping this article accessible, I won't go into a lot of the source detail, instead focusing on the theories themselves. If you'd like to know more, there are lots of fan videos and discussions which explore the evidence behind each main story point I'm about to elaborate on.


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