Game Publishers Of 2019: 6 Biggest Winners & 6 Biggest Losers

Did Sony strand themselves? Did Ubisoft hit breakpoint? Or did Microsoft pass them all?


This passing year has been a big one for games. In what rightfully feels like the last hurrah of our current console generation, titles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony were big and boisterous.

Even more interesting though were the ballsy business moves all three companies pulled in 2019. The gaming business is moving ever so slightly into a new age with fresh priorities, and each studio is preparing for it in different ways.

Not all of those ways are good though.

The other big corporation of the industry has had plenty of trademark faceplants in 2019, yet more surprisingly, several worked hard to redeem themselves successfully in gamers' eyes as well.

The PC industry was blatantly prevalent this year too, as the 'master race' got several extras, such as Xbox Game Pass, an upgraded PS Now, and Epic Game Store severing the community in (supposedly) major ways.

It's been a rollercoaster year, but as the game release calendar considerably slows down, it's time to examine which big companies came out on top, and which ones stumbled to the bottom...

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