GTA 6: 10 Reasons Vice City Is The Perfect Location

9. Stylish, Dangerous, Iconic & Visually Impressive

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As Grand Theft Auto IV returned us to the drab, grounded Liberty City, the thirst for more colour, brighter days and livelier nights was heard, as the fifth game in the series took players back to the sun-soaked streets of Los Santos.

The latter is simply an unforgettable experience, and the heart of GTA V's charm is its playground. Los Santos is a delight, and the diversity of environment as well as scope of the massive open world makes every adventure a memorable one.

Tommy Vercetti's home of Vice City is the only city of the PlayStation 2 trilogy that's been largely left uninhabited by players, save for a somewhat limited PSP release some four years later.

Vice City Stories is fine, but doesn't significantly move the series forward past its PS2 peak, and a high-definition, all-new romp across its gorgeous landscape is long overdue.

Stylish and classy, yet with a dangerous undertone, the city presented in the 2002 masterpiece is stunning, even by today's standards. Vice City presents a world that still has the capability to impress on 20 year old hardware, so witnessing the conspicuous, glitzy lights of downtown or the calming, palm tree-studded shores of Vice Point would simply be a marvel.

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