GTA V: 10 Reasons Why It Will Rule 2012

7. Something To Prove As the original open world sand-boxer GTA has long been king, but in recent years this title has not gone unchallenged. It€™s been four long years since the release of GTA 4 and since then others have turned up on the scene. Rockstar have a lot to prove in 2012 as their rivals, in the form of Saint Row The Third, Just Cause 2 and Mafia 2 (to an extent) have all been attempting to take GTA down. The biggest challenger to the open world crown has been Saint Row The Third. With it€™s similar themes and setting to GTA, Saints Row attempted to capture some of GTA€™s market share. Saints Row is the only franchise to date that can stand it€™s ground in the face of the mighty GTA and this can only be good for the series. The 2011 release of the most recent Saint Row did not go unnoticed as the game praised for its lighter tone and fun attitude to gameplay. The team at Rockstar will be forced to answer back in 2012, to show gamers who is the king of the virtual city.